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You can put down your request via the comment section below or post on social networks and web comic hosting.
The top 4 most request will be added to a poll on 8/19.

Note: If there is a tie or if we are short on request the picks will be done randomly.

We'll also have a sub goal once we reach 10 request and 40 however we'll announce what it unlocks when or if that goal is met.

We'll like to do more events like these however we need particiation.

by studio-mizuki

Staring on August 1, 2020 our Reiko Cosplay X Mizuki Saga Hatsune Miku Anniversary Event will be live.

Below is a preview of the main schedule.   Each event will begin by Noon/12:00 PST.

To reward the people who is participating in the event we will add bonus rewards and events every week once the goals are met.

These bonus events may include giveaways, raffles, contest and event event upgrades.

If they are met before the next event then we’ll announce it with the next event.

We like to hope everyone will attend and enjoy the event.  If the event is successful then we’ll do another event in a future date.

by studio-mizuki…
We would like to announce that we are doing a 2 month event to celebrate Hatsune Miku's anniversary. The schedule will be announced on Aug 1,2020.

We'll like to add that the more people participating or interacting with the even will unlock bigger weekly events.
by studio-mizuki

We like to announce our first Magi Q video.
In regarding Mizuki Saga we will like to announce that we'll be released a book version in Q1 2021.  Pre-orders will begin on Sepember 23, 2020 via indiegogo.
by studio-mizuki

We would like to apologize for the recent delay of Mizuki Saga by announcing a summer giveaway.

We’ll officially announce the event on July 1, 2020 once we receive the minimum amount of pre-registers.

Prize(s) may include items from our shop or a custom made item for this giveaway.


To pre-register just post in the comment section below or our various sub new sites.

The goals will be revealed once the previous goal is met.


Pre-registration goals.

  1. 10 Register: Content will officially launch.
  2. 25 Resister: TBA
  3. 40 Registers TBA
  4. 60 Registers TBA
  5. 100 Resisters TBA


Mizuki is currently back on schedule with Reiko Cosplay: Tiki part 1 which is now live to view.

Part 2 will be released on July 1, 2020.

by studio-mizuki
Last December we launched the Mizuki Saga Series, and while the series is still growing we want to continue to expand the series. 
You can check out the Mizuki Saga Series here.
We’re currently looking for a skilled manga artist to work on our next web/book series Megami Saga: Chronicles.  The current position is to create the pilot version of the project and help the project succeed.  The pilot will be bundled with the Mizuki Saga book in the first quarter of 2021.  Going beyond the pilot will depend on sales and reception of the book.  This will be a mid/long term relation so we may continue to work with you in a future project if it’s a success or fail.

  • Must be able to work as a team.
  • Must have previous manga book experience.
  • Must be able to do Seinen and Shojo elements.
  • Slice of life and action experience is a plus.
  • Good communication skills required.
  • Required to meet deadlines.
  • Must want the project to succeed.
  • Final image must be in a digital format.

Project Role:
  • Co-develop the outline
  • Final artwork must keep at least 75% of the design accuracy
  • Design promo artwork/Promo Poster
  • Work on the 8+ page pilot.

Megami Saga: Chronicles:

Megami Saga: Chronicles is a Seinen series a four story arc about Reiko as she starts out with her first missions as a Miko of the Sakura Shrine.  The series will also focus on the other characters that live in the Sakura Shrine.   The pilot will focus on the Masked Kitsune Arc.

  • Any generic copy and paste post will be an automatic pass.
  • Post only information revel event to the subject.
  • Do not post info or artwork that doesn't pertain to the subject.
  • We are only looking for manga samples only.
  • Posting previous manga projects will help your odds.
  • Payment will be based on the pay you decide.
  • If the post is missing information or just the portfolio the post will be skipped.
  • Everyone who followed these rules will get a proper follow up.
by studio-mizuki
We like to announce to help cover cost of the production of the comic we lauched a patreon page.
Our patron page will include early drafts of the Mizuki Saga pages and drafts of artwork from the Megami Saga Series.
If we reach $10 by June 18 then we will give out a custom wallpaper to all active supporters.

We like to announce that Season 0.5 will launch on May 6, 2020.

We hope you continue to support the Mizuki Saga series.
by studio-mizuki
We like to announce Mizuki Saga Season 0.5 is in production. 

We only reached the halfway goal to season 1 campaign at 58% thus season 1 isn't funded howerer we'll continue the series at season 0.5.

Season 0.5 is not season 1 thus several content that was planned won't be included in this season and we'll continue one part every two week schedule vs the weekly updates.

We may plan to launch another campaign for season 1 depending on the series preformance and other factors.

Season 0.5 will luanch on April 1st via our main website and April 22 via comicfury.
by studio-mizuki
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